Mexico Earthquake Relief: How you can help.

My heart aches for Mexico right now. The recent earthquakes have taken a mighty toll. A lot of people are hurting. If you want to help, here’s how: 


Review: Acre, farm-to-table in San Jose del Cabo

Fat drips from a fifty-pound hog, splashing onto the fire. Sparks flicker into the hot Mexican air. The pig has been roasting over the mesquite embers since sunrise. The temperature outside is already sweltering, made even hotter by the blistering rotisserie, which is cranked by hand, inch-by-inch, throughout the day. By 5 p.m., as the …

Quick Look: Mar Adentro, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

There’s a stunningly beautiful new hotel opening in Los Cabos. It’s called Mar Adentro, and it is currently in its soft-opening phase. The resort is designed (and owned) by Miguel Angel Aragones, one of Mexico’s most incredible architects. Here’s a quick look around. Exterior views: Standard king room: Restaurants and public spaces: The beach: Evening …

One Perfect Morning: Playa del Carmen

I’ve just finished watching a the sunrise from the beach in Playa del Carmen. The coastline at dawn here is always eerily silent, the quietest it will be all day. For a few hours at most, no one is stirring. The dozens of bars and restaurants that line the shore appear abandoned, like a ghost town.

20 Best Things I ate in 2015

As usual, I ate a lot of amazing food this year. I eat in restaurants almost daily – sometimes twice or even three times a day. Not everything ends up being delicious, sadly. But in the end, I always find more good than bad, or else I wouldn’t have continued doing this for the past …