Best thing I ate: Giant river prawns

I went back to Bangkok Avenue, that place in Huntington Beach that I recently declared to be the best Thai restaurant in Orange County. And I discovered yet another fantastic dish that I somehow missed on my three or four previous visits: chu-chee curry with grilled prawns.

When I ordered this, I was expecting to receive a somewhat traditional green curry with shrimp. But I almost fell out of my chair when it arrived. The prawns were gigantic, longer than lobsters and almost that fat. Turns out they are giant river prawns.

Everyone in the restaurant turned to look as the waiter carried the prawns through the dining room. And they taste as good as they look. The prawns are heavily charred on the grill, yet the meat is incredibly succulent.

If you’re one of those people who likes to suck all the brains and guts out of whole shellfish like these, you’ll be in heaven. It’s a bonus that the green curry they’re served in is superb as well.

Caveat: The manager told me the prawns aren’t always this large, but for the brief time being, this is what’s in season.

Bangkok Avenue
Where: 17221 Beach Ave., Huntington Beach
When: Lunch and dinner daily
Cost: $24
Phone: 714-841-9567

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