Quick Look: The Butchers Club Deli, Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Deli opened last year in Tin Wan, an up-and-coming neighborhood on Hong Kong’s industrial Southside. If you can find it, you’re in for an amazing steak.

They open for dinner somewhat randomly, serving prix fixe meals that revolve around a certain cut of meat, with different days devoted to specific cuts. Dinner can be difficult to get into.

Meanwhile, at lunch, they serve mostly sandwiches and housemade charcuterie, catering to a clientele of artists and gallery owners and factory managers from the surrounding semi-industrial neighborhood. But they also serve an incredible dry-aged t-bone steak for two that’ll have you wondering not “how many days” they aged the meat, but “how many weeks” or even “months.” This is some serious beef! It’s definitely worth a taxi ride over the peak.

The Southside still has a ways to go before it becomes the sort of neighborhood than can sustain a weeklong vacation. And for now this is the best restaurant in the ‘hood.

Beware, though. It’s hard to find, but don’t give up. Once you locate what seems like the right address, squeeze through the building’s narrow stairwell and emerge through the loading dock, where you’ll find a tiny service elevator that looks like it goes nowhere. Get in, push the button for the top floor, and hold on. The elevator will rattle and shake for a few minutes, and when the door opens again, you’ll see a trendy fashion boutique. The restaurant is just around the corner.

The Butcher’s Club Deli 
Shui Ki Industrial Bldg, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Tin Wan
Hong Kong

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