Australian truffles are in season right now. Get some while you can!

Although it’s summertime here in the United States, it is winter in Australia, where black truffle season is underway. The Australian truffle that grows so beautifully in Manjimup,  Western Australia, is the exact same type of truffle (known to truffle geeks and chefs as Tuber Melanosporum) that is famously harvested in Périgord, France. These are far superior in flavor and aroma than the ever-growing supply of black truffles now flooding in China (and even the U.S.). And while they’re exactly the same as the truffles from Périgord, I’ve spoken to a quite a few chefs — like Josiah Citrin, chef of Melisse in Los Angeles — who believe the Australian truffles are actually more consistent than what they’re able to buy from France. France’s winter Périgord truffle season runs December to March; Western Australia’s season runs June through August, or sometimes into September if conditions are favorable. I visited the truffle farm of The Truffle & Wine Company a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked on these things ever since. The batch I received this week suggest that 2015 is a particularly good year. Order yours here.

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