What I’m reading this week: selfie daredevils, Napa’s early harvest, pig viruses and where to eat now in Australia

I want to do this. Sort of. Maybe not. (via gawker)

1. Yowza! More daredevil selfies. This time in Hong Kong. I can’t even imagine. Gawker
2. Where to eat now in Australia. Gourmet Traveller
3. A book, a review, and all you need to know about banh mi. Ravenous Couple
4. An earlier than normal harvest for California wine this year. CPR
5. Koreans are apparently cuckoo for coffee. Quartz

6. Forget ebola for now. It’s that nasty pig virus we should be worried about. NPR
7. Corked! Fine wine counterfeiter gets 10 years in the cellar. NBC
8. Every wonder why we have to refrigerate eggs when other countries don’t? LAT

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