What to eat at Potzol den Cano, Santa Ana

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Potzol den Cano is a tiny operation that doesn’t look like anything special. But that’s just a mirage. The main idea here is pozole. And it’s not the ubiquitous red kind.

The pozole  arrives at the table looking rather clear, just a blank translucent broth filled with hominy and a huge pile of shredded pork (or pig’s head and feet, if you prefer). It’s up to you to paint it. You’re given a palette of ingredients with which to make it your own. There’s red chili salsa, if you want to turn the whole bowl red. There’s green chili salsa in case you’d prefer to splash the whole thing green. There’s shredded iceberg lettuce, sliced radishes, chopped onion and limes, plus dried oregano and sneeze-inducing chili powder. If you screw it up, blame only yourself. But really, there’s not much chance of doing that.

A variety of tostadas and the enfrijoladas are great, too. Tostadas are piled high with pulled chicken or calves’ feet, plus shredded lettuce and cotija cheese. The enfrijoladas are basically chicken enchiladas with a sultry, seductive black bean sauce and bits of chorizo.

They also make great aqua frescos from scratch, squeezed to order in whatever combination of fruits they have on hand. “What’s your favorite?” I ask my waiter. “Pineapple and melon,” he says, returning shortly bearing a bright-green drink with a frothy, 2-inch head. You might want to order two of these. They disappear faster than you might expect.

Where: 1003 S. Bristol St., Santa Ana
When: Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
Phone: 714-664-0558

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