What to eat (and drink) at Los Arcos, Santa Ana

Photo Dec 15, 2 18 29 PMFrosty mug of beer at Los Arcos (photo by Brad A Johnson)

I like beer as much as the next guy, but I don’t always want one of those trendy IPAs or hefeweizens. Sometime all I want is an ice-cold Mexican lager served in a frozen mug rimmed with salt and chili powder, with a big chunk of lime already squeezed into the mug for me before it arrives. And that’s why Los Arcos has become one of my favorite places.

The old-time jukebox is always blaring the likes of Antonio Aguilar and Sergio Vega. I like that, too.

Here are the five things not to miss:

1. The beer. Doesn’t matter what kind, as long as it’s Mexican. Otherwise you’re missing the point.

2. The molcajetes. The classic stone vessels are heated to a gazillion degrees and loaded with steak, quail, onions, cheese and ranchero salsa. What more could you want?

3. Fajitas. Fajitas don’t get enough respect. Come here. Eat these.

4. Queso with chorizo. It’s thick and gooey and clumpy. And delicious.

5. Tacos. Beware: These aren’t tiny street tacos. They’re big. Crafted with fresh, handmade tortillas straight from the griddle.

Los Arcos Restaurant: 1414 W. Edinger, Santa Ana, 714-434-6644

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