Short Order: El Farolito in Placentia


Combination plate, Papa-style, at El Farolito (Photo by Cindy Yamanaka, OC Register)

Long live the combination plate. And yellow cheese.

El Farolito opened in Placentia in 1974, but I didn’t get around to discovering it until last month. I love this place. I love that I can build my own combination plate, Junior-style, Mama-style or Papa-style. I love the old-school ground meat tacos with their almost-crisp corn tortillas cooked to that peculiar state of perfection halfway between fried and steamed. I love the simplicity of a great cheese enchilada, beads of orange grease puddling around the edges…

To read this week’s Short Order review and view a slide show by photographer Cindy Yamanaka, check out this week’s OC Register. Note: As of April 1, subscriptions are required to access the OC Register online. We don’t give it away for free at the newsstand, nor do we give away for free online. Anyone can receive one week of complimentary access, but after that you’ll need to be a subscriber. Alternatively, you can always buy a single day pass — cheaper than a cup of coffee — for 24-hour access. 

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