Photo of the Week: Chile relleno, Mexico City


Chicharrones-stuffed poblano chile at El Mayor (Photo by Brad A. Johnson)

I wish I could eat that again right now! This is a chile relleno stuffed with chicharrones at an excellent rooftop restaurant in Mexico City called El Mayor. 

El Mayor overlooks one of Mexico City’s most important archeological sites, Templo Mayor, an ancient pyramid that was discovered in 1978 in the heart of downtown. The restaurant sits atop a three-story, colonial-era mansion that houses the Porrua Bookstore.  This is also where I discovered my new favorite drink: tequila pepina (tequila with cucumber juice in a glass rimmed with chile salt). It’s also where I discovered an incredible queso fundido, gooey hot cheese that begged to be slathered on corn tortillas and topped with fried parsley. But the best thing on the menu? Hands down, the smoked marlin tacos. Porrua Bookstore, Republica de Argentina 15; +52 (55)  5704-7580 (no website)

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