What to eat at Urban Seoul, Irvine

mkb13e-b781085399z.120130326223417000gl41d2vj9.1Gogi tacos at Urban Seoul (Photo by Eugene Garcia, OC Register)

In this week’s Short Order in the Orange County Register, I briefly highlighted Urban Seoul, whose menu effortlessly spins together a fun and sensible mash-up of mostly Korean and Mexican cuisines. This place didn’t invent the Korean taco, but they have perfected it. Here are five things you should definitely try at Urban Seoul.

1. Gogi tacos. Korean tacos are everywhere in SoCal these days, and I haven’t found a better one than this.

2. Kalbi burger. They’re actually little sliders, but whatever. They’re great. Word of advice: Dine early. They often run out of these.

3. Short rib arepas. These amazing little Mexican-inspired arepas are made with masa, but with a twist. The masa dough is runny, more like a pancake batter, which makes for an incredible little biscuit, which is topped with braised short rib and pickled onions.

4. Chorizo fried rice. It’s fried rice. With chorizo. Enough said.

5. b3. This is Urban Seoul’s take on classic Korean bibimbap, a rice bowl with grilled pork and poached egg.

Check out the slideshow at the OC Register.

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