OC Review: The Ranch, Anaheim

mjkvyy-b781078460z.120130312194615000g671cr4uo.1THE BAR AT THE RANCH IN ANAHEIM. (PHOTO BY LEONARD ORTIZ, OC REGISTER)

The women at my table are talking excitedly about going line dancing after dinner. The men at my table are rolling their eyes, and I can see the relief on their faces when the conversation about country dancing is interrupted by the arrival of our entrees. Everyone falls silent midsentence as our jaws gape in response to a couple of cowboy rib-eye steaks. Each 36-ounce behemoth clings to a tomahawk-style bone that’s at least 16 inches long. We shuffle plates around so the bones aren’t hanging off the table and into the aisle where they could impale an innocent passer-by.

“I think we might be too full to go dancing after we eat these,” says one of the guys. The women roll their eyes. “We’re going two-stepping at the very least,” responds The Blonde.

The Ranch has developed a reputation as being a steakhouse. And although technically it’s not a steakhouse, I can see how people might jump to that conclusion. The bone-on cowboy rib-eye is quite possibly the best steak in all of Orange County…

Read the full review online at the OC Register.

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