Room with a View: Karri Valley Resort, Australia

This is the view from the balcony of my cabin (#19) at Karri Valley Resort, just outside of Pemberton (a wee blip on the map) in Western Australia. The balcony juts over the edge of an amazingly beautiful lake surrounded by densely forested hills. It’s like a scene straight out of Friday the 13th—except Jason never shows up.

The resort is far from luxurious, but that isn’t really the point. I mean, just look at that view. This is like being at summer camp, but without the school bullies. And, thankfully, the pillows are actually very nice. The “resort” is a collection of cabins and chalets scattered across the hillside at the edge of the lake. There are hiking and biking trails all around, with waterfalls, bright stars and strange, colorful birds. They have bikes available, and sailboats, too. You can swim in the lake; there’s even a diving pontoon. And you can fish from the porch.

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