Colorado Lamb: Best in the World?


Colorado lamb at Eight K, Snowmass (photo by Brad A. Johnson)

I’ve long argued that Colorado produces the best lamb in the world, and after a recent two-week trip though the Rocky Mountains, I believe it even more. Just take a look at some of these Colorado lamb dishes. I couldn’t get enough.  

From Eight K in Snowmass, here’s an awesome crumb-crusted rack of lamb served with braised lamb shoulder and crispy lamb sweetbreads.


Rack of lamb at Cloud Nine Bistro, Aspen Highlands (photo by Brad A. Johnson)

From Cloud Nine Bistro in Aspen, here are some lovely, humongous lamb chops. Nice little lunch on the mountain—the perfect mid-day break at the top of one of the best ski runs in Colorado.


Rack of lamb at Allred’s, Telluride (photo by Brad A. Johnson)

And check this one out. It’s from Allred’s in Telluride. Once again, crusted in crumbs and herbs. It’s served alongside braised lamb shoulder and paired with smashed fingerling potatoes and a fennel puree. Sigh. 


Rack of lamb at Cosmopolitan, Telluride (photo by Brad A. Johnson)

Here’s another rack of lamb in Telluride, this one from Cosmopolitan. Classic. Simple. Perfection. 

I don’t have a picture of it because the candlelit ambience was way too dark, but at Alpino Vino, Telluride’s incredibly charming mountain-top chalet with an Italian theme, I enjoyed an outstanding lamb shank osso bucco with soft polenta. A truly incredible Colorado experience topped off with lamb, naturally. 

Unlike the immature but very popular lamb that comes from New Zealand or Australia, Colorado lamb tastes like lamb. Unmistakable. Unapologetic. Bold. Often brilliantly fatty. Amazing. 

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