Quick Look: Richard Sandoval’s Cima, Beaver Creek


Ceviche at Cima in Beaver Creek (photo by Brad A. Johnson)

It’s been snowing like CRAZY in the Rockies this month. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s yet another delicious reason to get to Beaver Creek RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Globetrotting superchef Richard Sandoval (of New York’s Maya and L.A.‘s Zengo, etc.) has opened his latest restaurant, Cima, just below the Beaver Creek ski basin at the Westin in Avon village. This is vintage Sandoval, a brilliant weaving together of Latin American and Asian flavors with skillful technique: tuna tiradito and octopus ceviche; pork belly ramen with a coddled farm egg; chipotle chicken udon noodle soup with a red chile pozole broth… Westin Riverfront Resort, 126 Riverfront Lane, 970-790-5500


Take a look around…


Inside Cima; empanadas; pork belly ramen; lemongrass panna cotta (photos by Brad A. Johnson)

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