The 10 Hottest Hotels in Shanghai (Food Republic)


The Puli

Romance. Drama. Intrigue. Architecture. Jazz. Shanghai is one of the most exciting cities in Asia — with a vibrant hotel scene to match. From the historic Bund and French Concessionto the forward-racing, sky-reaching Pudong district across the river, there’s a kick-ass hotel at every turn. Just about every major luxury brand operates a great hotel here, but those bigger names aren’t always my favorites. After three trips to Shanghai in the past year, these ere are the 10 hotels I’m most excited about right now.

1. Park Hyatt Shanghai
For a brief minute, this super-modern hotel was the tallest in the world, occupying the 79thto 93rd floors of the World Financial Center in Pudong. It’s no longer the tallest, but it’s still one the most exquisite hotels in Asia, providing an incredible sense of intimacy (only 174 rooms) despite the mind-boggling grandeur of the imposing tower. 100 Century Ave., Pudong, +86-21-6888-1234

2. The Puli
Contemporary without being stark. Tranquility in the midst of chaos. Bring a bathing suit because you won’t want to miss the pool. 1 Chang De Road, +86-21-3203-9999

3. Waldorf Astoria
Unparalleled glamour and grace. A fairytale come true. The poshest hotel on The Bund. 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road,  +86-21-6322-9988

A truly fun, quirky artist haven in a renovated factory warehouse near the French Concession. Australian celebrity chef David Laris runs the see-and-be-seen restaurant. 183 jiaozhou lu, +86-21-5153-4600


The Waterhouse

5. Waterhouse
Only for those in the know. Twenty amazing rooms of varying sizes, no two alike. Lots of cement and reclaimed wood. A true architectural and design gem in the emerging, not quite gentrified, South Bund district. 1-3 Maojiayuan Road, +86-21-6080-2988

6. 7. 8. 9. 10… For the rest of this list (art deco glamour, a modern high-rise, a secret mansion, tons of photos…), you’ll have to hop on over to Food Republic, where this story originally appeared. 

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