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I’ve just come back from a business meeting in Oaxaca, where I had an amazing lunch just outside of town in the village of San Martin. The entire community came together to put on an incredible feast of chiles rellenos, grilled chorizo, and two types of quesadillas, one of which was crafted from homemade blue-corn tortillas, squash blossoms and Oaxaca’s famous string cheese; the other made with white flour tortillas cooked over wood-burning coals. This was by far the best meal of the visit (which also included the supposed best restaurant in town, but that meal turned out to be somewhat disappointing.) 


Lunch in the village of San Martin, outside of Oaxaca

I was in Oaxaca for a kickoff meeting of a cool new blogger collective called Mexico Today, a joint venture between the public and private sector that is bringing together 24 incredible writers, journalists, bloggers, enthusiasts and business people who will contribute to a social-media magazine about Mexico. Most of these “ambassadors” live in Mexico, but a handful of us reside in the States and travel across the border frequently.

Mexico Today is going to be a cool, first-of-its-kind, social-media magazine about all things Mexico, covering topics as wide-ranging as business development, the environment, security, the culinary arts and tourism. I’ll be documenting my usual interests of food and travel. And as always, I’ll continue to post my original content here on my blog, but my new Mexico content will also be syndicated across the Mexico Today network, which will include a customizable website, still incomplete and in Beta mode) and a yet-to-be-seen social-media magazine app that’s being developed in conjunction with Facebook. For now, there’s just a simple Facebook fan page, but I’ll let you know when the richer magazine version is officially launched, which is suppose to happen sometime in July if everything goes as planned. In addition, the Mexico Today Twitter feed (@MexicoToday) should look pretty darn cool on Flipboard, for those of you with iPads. 

Over the next six months, I’ll be using this space to review some of Mexico’s best luxury hotels and restaurants. I’ll also be posting Q&As and personality profiles of some of the more interesting people I’ve come across in my travels in Mexico: a sommelier, a chef, a wine maker, etc. I’m looking forward to revisiting Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Puebla, Los Cabo, San Miguel de Allende and some of my other favorite places.  

So, stay tuned. And… ¡Viva Mexico!

Full disclosure: I am being compensated for syndicating my content in the Mexico Today program. This is a win, win. Mexico Today never tells me what to write or say, nor does the organization limit or restrict the scope of my articles or critiques. All stories, opinions and passion for all things México shared here are completely my own. I’ve always loved Mexico, and I will conti
nue to share my thoughts and commentary about the places I visit just as I always have. 


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