Artisanal Butchery, Los Angeles


Lindy & Grundy

Artisanal butchery continues to expand in Los Angeles. First came McCall’s Meat & Fish Company in the Los Feliz neighborhood. And now, the newest duo to weild meat cleavers, Lindy & Grundy (aka Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura) are bringing good old-fashioned, head-to-tail butchery to the Fairfax District. The new butcher shop is expected to open mid- to late-January. 

“People get irresponsible with their meat,” Nakamura says. “We’re animal-driven, not consumer-driven.” So when they run out of tenderloins and rib eyes, you’ll have to order something else—which might even come with cooking tips or a recipe for dry rub. Plus, they’ll be curing and smoking their own sausages and bacon. 801 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A., (323)-951-0804


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