Cathay Pacific keeps getting cooler (in Hong Kong)


The Hong Kong airport ranks among the world’s best, thanks in large part to Cathay Pacific’s collection of stellar first- and business-class lounges, especially The Pier and The Wing (among others).

And it’s about to get even cooler. On Monday, October 11, Cathay Pacific is launching yet another VIP lounge for it’s elite tier ticket holders. This one’s called The Cabin, and it’s located at gate 23 on the central concourse.

The 3,650-square-foot space has been designed by London-based architectural firm Foster + Partners and is separated into five zones: The Reception, The IT Zone, The Deli (made-to-order hot sandwiches), The Health Bar (herbal teas, smoothies, cocktails), and The Relaxing Zone (for a quick catnap). Sadly, there’s no made-to-order noodle bar like those at The Wing and The Pier. So if you’re craving a bowl of spicy dan dan dumplings, head there instead. 

Pay particular attention to the custom-built Cathay Solus chairs. Each one is hand finished by Poltrona Frau in Italy. They’re mini living spaces where guests can eat, work (plug in) and relax in relative privacy in what is otherwise a hubbub of pre-departure activity.

Now more than ever, it would be extremely disappointing to fly out of Hong Kong (or endure a layover here) with an airline other than Cathay Pacific or one of its One World Alliance partners (such as American Airlines or JAL), whose top-tier ticket holders and elite-status flyers are also welcome. 

Note: As soon as The Cabin opens, The Wing (located airside just beyond security in the departures concourse) will begin a phased renovation.



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