Ask Brad: Dinner in Istanbul


Hey Brad, 

Istanbul. Glam. Dinner. View. Any suggestions? –Wendy

Hey Wendy,

Check out Topaz. It’s way chic. Sits on a hilltop overlooking the Istanbul skyline—including the Bosporus Strait and an amazing mosque just down the hill. The entire wall facing the skyline slides out of the way to create an incredible indoor/outdoor terrace. A great deejay plays mellow grooves with an exotic Turkish flair. And chances are you’ll see fireworks exploding in the distance over the Bosporus (people shoot off fireworks every weekend for weddings). The food is a terrific modern riff on Ottoman classics: grilled octopus with fava puree, beef carpaccio with coriander sorbet and slow-roasted lamb loin rolled in red chard leaves. And make sure to ask the sommelier to pair the dinner with Turkish wines. 

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