The World’s Best Airline Food?

Dim sum on Dragon Air.

Is this the best airline food in the world? I think it might be.

I just flew Dragon Air (a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific) from Hong Kong to Beijing, and the dim sum dumplings being served in business class were incredible. I know this sounds crazy, and I couldn’t believe it myself at first. I subsequently ate at several of the best dim sum palaces in Hong Kong, and none of those restaurants served better dumplings than what I sampled inflight on Dragon Air.

Just look at those beauties! Here’s what you’re looking at, clockwise from far left:

1. Vegetables and black fungus steamed dumpling 
2. Asparagus and shrimp dumpling 
3. Pan-fried pork bao 
4. Jade shrimp dumpling (the green one); the dumpling skin is green because it’s made with spinach 

Also, as I was flying from Los Angeles to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, practically everyone else had gone to sleep, and I asked for a bowl of duck noodles soup, which is available as a snack in business class at any time during the flight. Another great moment in airline food: a big bowl of udon-style noodles with a big fat duck breast on top, sliced into large bite-sized pieces. Delicious! Seriously. 


Duck noodle soup on Cathay Pacific.


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