Hong Kong: Where to Eat


Cafe Gray Deluxe at The Upper House

 Celebrity chefs, rooftop tables and… powderized foie gras? Hong Kong’s dining scene seizes the spotlight


The Buzz: Socialite, heiress and local style icon Bonnie Gokson launched this 22,000-square-foot restaurant and lounge overlooking the harbor from the 25th floor of the Prince’s Building. If there’s a rock star or fashion diva in town, you can bet this is where they’ll be sipping cocktails alfresco or savoring a prolonged afternoon tea while lounging on brightly colored sofas.

The Bottom Line: Slip into your skinniest Spy Henry Lau jeans and cozy up to the bar for a Shiraz and a round of Kobe beef bites. Then retire to the dining room and order the outstanding burrata salad with teardrop tomatoes and white balsamic. 011.852.2537.1388, sevva.hk  

Café Gray Deluxe

The Buzz: Celeb chef Gray Kunz runs the 46-foot-long exhibition kitchen on the 49th floor of the Upper House hotel. The window seats overlooking the city skyline and Victoria Harbor are currently the most in-demand seats in town.

The Bottom Line: It really doesn’t matter where you sit because the sea bass in ginger bouillon or braised beef short rib with soft polenta are just as attention-grabbing as the harbor.011.852.3968.1106, cafegrayhk.‌com  


The Buzz: The team behind Singapore’s legendary Les Amis has opened a chic culinary salon here with a chef, Thomas Mayr, who trained in the U.S. with Charlie Trotter and Daniel Boulud. Fair warning There are only nine tables.

The Bottom Line: The langoustine carpaccio with beluga caviar, and the poached egg with pork belly and black truffles, are worth whatever bribe you have to pay to get in. 011.852.2861.3130, lesamis.com.sg  


The Buzz: Another alfresco terrace overlooking the harbor from a swishy Central perch, this white-on-white Italian bar and grill has become the place for glitterati brunches. “Kiss, kiss, ciao!”

e Bottom Line
: Pop open a Chianti, and don’t let anyone block your view. The thin-crust, stone-baked pizzas are damn good, as is the artichoke salad. 011.852.2383.8765, isolabarandgrill.‌com 

Bo Innovation

The Buzz: The cool, tattooed Alvin Leung was born in London, raised in Toronto and inspired by the molecular gastronomy of elBulli in Spain and The Fat Duck in England. In business for several years, the avant-garde chef recently moved to this new, somewhat hidden location in Wan Chai.

The Bottom Line: The molecular trickery never gets in the way of great taste, especially when it comes to fresh oysters topped with ginger granita and chive-lime purée or thinly sliced toro with powderized foie gras. 011.852.2850.8371, boinnovation.‌com




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